From street dance jams & battles, to freestyle rap cyphers to international exchange projects, Nilo has done the most as an organizer and coordinator. Not to mention as a participant herself. She has studied the culture from its inception in black & brown communities of 1970's New York, to its rise as a global phenomenon. Her lifelong passion means that she lives and breathes Hip Hop, and can put on the dopest functions that will last in the memories of the attendees.


The passion for live music grew from organizing shows at the local youth center, and later being accepted into an event program with one of Europe's leading music festivals, Way Out West, where she developed art installations and a new VIP area. She has also been the Production Coordinator and Artist Liaison for Rhythms Music Festival at SFSU, feat. Vince Staples, with an attendance of 1,000. Nilo knows how to effectively communicate with diverse teams in order to create the best experience for all.


A belief that live events, especially when incorporating art & music, can bring people together in a powerful manner, has led Nilo to use her organizing skills for causes she is truly passionate about. Among other efforts, she has organized and helped projects in youth leadership & social justice, as well as fundraisers for disaster relief after Typhoon Haiyan, the Northern California fires, and for community organizations focusing on indigenous advocacy.


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