Nilo started dancing as a hobby at 14 years old and found a creative outlet while dealing with an unstable home life. She was supported by her school counselor who helped her pay for the dance class through a grant, an opportunity she otherwise would not have had. She tried various styles during the following few years such as Salsa, Samba, Hip Hop, Dancehall and more, before she found her passion in dance through the style of Popping, which she has since dedicated most of her time to through performances and battle competitions.


In 2010, she got accepted into a one-year Hip Hop & Feminist Studies combined program at Kvinnofolkhögskolan in Gothenburg, Sweden. The program focused on various elements of Hip Hop culture, but heavily featured various street dances such as Breaking, House, and Hip Hop social dances, while incorporating performance opportunities at notable theaters around the city. 


A year later, Nilo moved to the Bay Area, and found herself around the roots of the dance style she was the most passionate about, and have since delved deeper and deeper into its foundations. She has had the opportunity to learn from OGs from San Jose, San Francisco & Oakland, as well as other world-renowned poppers in related styles such as Strutting, Animation, Waving and Oakland Boogaloo.


Nilo is fully engaged in the dance community, while constantly training to become a stronger battle dancer and performance artist. She draws much of her inspiration from her Iranian roots and background in Swedish immigrant neighborhoods, while caring deeply for the history and current state of the community the dance comes from as a guest within Black cultural art forms.


She often says “dancing is like breathing, it’s where I find my peace”.

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